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Humans first discovered how important low frequency, low intensity, electromagnetic energy (EM) is to every living thing on Earth when the first astronauts and cosmonauts launched into orbit, where the Earth's electromagnetic field is weak.  In 1-2 hours, they were greatly afflicted -- mentally, emotionally and physically. On long  space flights, they lost 80% of their bone density. This was a major problem, demanding a solution.

Fortunately, circa 1952, German physicist Dr. W. O. Schumann mathematically calculated the Earth's predominant EM frequency to be 7.83 Hz.  Using this information, later space travelers were equipped with a Schumann EM generator to simulate the Earth's EM field and the problem of "space sickness" disappeared.  



Then, someone had another bright idea. Since it worked so well in space, what could it do back on Earth? This led to the birth of the PEMF wellness industry, initially addressing bone growth and un-united fractures (non-unions) and later branching out into over 200 human conditions.

When comparing PEMF as a wellness modality to other technologies, just ask yourself one simple key question. What will kill me the fastest if I'm  deprived of it? This immediately tells you what is critical to wellness. Obviously, oxygen is at the top of that list - 1-2 minutes without oxygen and you're a goner.  Next, we think of water, but you can go days without water and, of course, weeks without food.



Now, how critical is Earth EM energy to survival of the human body? The experience of the early space travelers was a big hint. To investigate the effect of magnetic field deficiency, Dr. Valerie Hunt placed 2 human subjects in a Mu metal (nickel-iron alloy) cage to simulate a near-Zero Magnetic Field Environment. To everyone's amazement, in just a few minutes they began to sob and said they felt like they were "falling apart" emotionally. In a few more minutes, they started losing muscle control and coordination and exhibited abnormal cardiac readings, forcing a stop to the experiment before they died of a heart attack. This experiment established man's absolute dependence on Earth EM energy -- just a few minutes without it and we die. Thus, on the scale of what will kill me the fastest if deprived of it, Earth's EM energy takes crucial 2nd place, immediately after oxygen.

If you want to increase your odds of  living to 100 and smiling, a full-body PEMF device gives you the edge to counter the harmful ElectroSmog (the high frequency, high intensity, EM bombarding us daily from cell phones, computers, microwaves, radars, satellites, smart meters, Wi-Fi, wireless routers, etc) that assaults the body's repair and wellness mechanisms. Starting with radar in WWII and culminating today, never before in the evolution of the human body has it been subjected to such a massive, high energy frequency bombardment, estimated by experts to be 100-200 million times that reaching us naturally from the sun. As a consequence, we need Earth-compatible PEMF energy daily for protection.


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